Vanasauna guesthouse is located in the ancient Valma village, which is one of the oldest settlements in Estonia. First settlers occupied areas around Lake Võrtsjärv, where today fishermen’s village Valma is located, about 4000 years ago. As a result of several archaeological research, many tools from Stone Age, comb ceramics pottery and other valuable items have been found, which certifies the ancient settlements in that area.

The lake Võrtsjärv is the second biggest lake, and the biggest inland lake in Estonia, which has been rich in fish reserves over the years. Over the years 36 species of fish have been found. Eel is also a native inhabitant, whose population has been increased by people, placing tiny eels into the lake to grow.

Besides fishing, people appreciate Valma as a well known vacation destination. A dip in the water, a boat ride and walk in the local forest are a must do, when visiting Valma.